Aubin Consulting Actuary Inc.
offers you its expertise in retirement plans.

Defined Benefit Pension Plans
Consulting, actuarial and administrative services.

Development of Excel spreadsheets to prepare annual members statements, termination statements, projection of retirement incomes, …

Development of Excel spreadsheets to perform actuarial valuations of pension plans.

Actuarial Excel Add-In
Aubin Consulting Actuary has developed and is marketing an Excel add-in that calculates annuity factors under various parameters, like: lifetime pension with or without co-annuitant, with or without a guaranteed period, immediate or deferred, temporary or not, single or multiple interest rates, single or multiple indexation rates …

The Actuarial Excel Add-In is linked to a library of mortality tables including the new:

  • Canada: “CPM 2014” tables with their two-dimension projection scale “CPM B” (age and calendar year); and,
  • United States: “RP-2014” tables with their two-dimension projection scale “MP-2014” (age and calendar year).


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